FabFitFun's Tips To Grow Your ECommerce Business

If you know subscription boxes, then you know FabFitFun. We launced our Future of Commerce webinar series earlier this week and FabFitFun's VP of Operations, Austin Smith, sat down with me for an insightful discussion on scaling commerce businesses and the top technologies associated with them. Here are the biggest takeaways you need to know: 

Whether your business is doing 50,000 or 500,000 orders per year, you must be able to scale efficiently with your technology. 

Don’t be afraid to test and reiterate to see what works best for your company. Your systems have to be able to adapt as you grow. 

FabFitFun uses Shipstation and Stitch Labs to manage and scale their inventory and shipping operations. It's all about customer experience, and these tools allow FabFitFun to increase their effiency and improve their customer service as they continue to grow.

"Especially with inventory and knowing what to give the customer if a box is delayed or damaging. All of this was huge in retention,” Austin said of the value of Stitch. 

Do your 3PL research to ensure your business goals align with the abilities of 3PLs. 

Austin described their process for using 3PLs by explaining, "Our business setup makes it very easy to put on a 3PL. However, we are huge pick pack business since we sell four boxes four times a year, and each one is full of several items. A 3PL started to limit us because we wanted to offer further customizations as far as shades and colors of the products included in each box. By bringing the picking and packing in house, we are now able to offer add-ons to each box. The pick packing fees through a 3PL were not the smartest cost efficient decision."
"Evaluate your integration points from price points. Even if the 3PL is cheaper, losing control can cost you a lot. It may make sense for some businesses." However, with a 3PL, it manages all the shipping for you and you don’t have to have your own warehouse and staff shipping. When researching 3PLs, make sure it has the flexibility you need for what your business needs. 
Want to hear our entire conversation, including how FabFitFun leverages social media and online influencers to boost their online presences and increase subscriptions? View the recording here
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