Etsy Shipping - Feature Update

Great news, just in time for the holiday rush. Stitch will now send shipment and tracking information back to Etsy. Prior to this update, Stitch would mark an order as shipped on Etsy after being marked as shipped or complete in Stitch, but the detailed shipping information wasn't transferred back to Etsy. Now, when a buyer goes to review their order(s), they will have all the necessary information to track their own package(s). This will help save time and cut down on convo exchanges.

Also, if you're working with our amazing integrated partner ShipStation, you'll notice that the shipping information, automatically generated by their application, will flow back through Stitch and onto Etsy. It's like a holiday miracle!

This is guaranteed to save you time while you are working feverishly to get your products in the hands of customers during the holiday rush. Let us know what you think about this new feature by leaving a comment below.

Stitch on!


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