Effective Mobile Marketing Tips and Tools for Retailers

mobile_.jpegOver the last several years, mobile sales have been catching up to desktop sales and by the end of 2017, it’s predicted that mobile will comprise 60% of web retail traffic

So the question isn’t whether to invest in mobile, but rather how to enhance your mobile presence using effective strategies and tools.

How can you get customers to complete their orders on mobile and lower cart abandonment? What’s a mobile-compatible marketing platform to help you reach your customers in a way that’s effective and economical? And how can mobile location tracking tools help you bring more business to your brick-and-mortar stores?

Here are some answers that will make mobile work better for your business:

Fewer Interruptions And Higher Security

Even though mobile has pushed its way past desktop for eCommerce traffic, mobile has a much lower conversion rate than desktop and a higher incidence of shopping cart abandonment. Why? Interruptions.

Mobile users are more likely to be interrupted by a message, alert or phone call on their mobile than desktop users. If interrupted while making a purchase, chances are the customer will abandon the purchase rather than return to complete it. You can’t avoid mobile interruptions. But what you can do is make your business’ mobile checkout process as fast and simple as possible by:

1) using auto-detection for card numbers and customer data

2) eliminating the auto-correct function for name boxes

3) providing automatic numeric key function pop-ups for phone number and credit card information fields

All of the tips above allow customers to complete the transaction more quickly. You could also allow for online purchases without registering to your store, since 30% of consumers abandon their shopping cart when asked to register as the first step.

Additionally, mobile customers tend to worry more about fraud and security than desktop users. Simple steps such as adding credit card logos and a padlock icon can make them feel more secure in entering their card information.

Test your checkout process by getting a good sample size. You can try A/B Test Significance tool to calculate the best sample size for your site.

Adopt a Text Marketing Platform

Effective marketing is all about reaching your customers where they are. Since 97% of Americans text at least once a day,  in text messengers is the place to be. For example, Cabela's hunting and fishing retailer recently ran a SMS (short message service) marketing campaign that delivered great results.

Cabela's team managed to grow their opt-in list quickly and increased average order value. They were consistent with their ‘Hot Buys’ promotions and got the most out of cross-channel marketing efforts promoting their SMS campaign via social media, email, and more.

Texting can be used for a variety of purposes including:

  • Sending coupons, VIP passes, discounts and new product alerts.
  • Confirming delivery status - keeping your customers up-to-date with the delivery of their order.
  • Tips and advice - increase customer loyalty by sending targeted messages with helpful information regarding the product categories they’re most interested in.
  • Customer service - customers respond well to texting as a customer service platform.
  • Customer satisfaction polling- texting has a high response rate (45%) so it’s the ideal platform for conducting a poll

Companies like TextMagic can help you send bulk SMS promotions, notifications, and reminders to your customers. You can send and receive texts via email to over 200 countries.


If you have brick-and-mortar shop or boutique in addition to your online presence, take advantage of it. Using tools that can help you track your customers’ location is a great way to send geo-targeted messages to shoppers.

Send push notifications to alert customers when they’re near one of your stores and offer coupons or tell them about ongoing promotions. It’s the mobile equivalent of having leaf-letters out there on the corner, only more effective and engaging.

Combining geo-targeting with customer purchase history can be a powerful marketing approach  to drive increased sales. For example, if a customer who usually buys an iced latte is passing your area, you can send her a push notification: “Hi Karen, would you like a 15% discount on an iced latte at XYZ Coffee”?

Hard Rock Café had great results from their geo-fencing campaign. They sent alerts to clients who came within a close radius of their restaurants and who also had the behavior of eating out while traveling. They increased restaurant traffic by 220% with this campaign.

The deCarta program provides mapping, routing, and geocoding for your app as well as navigation features to help bring customers to your door.

As mobile pushes its way past desktop for web sales, retail marketers will need to hone their strategies to get the most out of the unique features that mobile has to offer. Those who can take advantage of the real-time, on-the-go, and immediate response turnover of mobile will be the ones who come out in front.


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