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eBay is the world’s premier online auction marketplace, with more than 100 million active users. Stitch is the must have software to manage your business. Stitch now integrates with eBay, bringing eBay sellers like you THE must have software to manage your eBay listings.

Ebay Inventory Management


eBay software: What does it do?

Stitch is a customizable inventory management software suite.

  • Manage all of your orders, inventory, customers, and sales channels in real-time with powerful, actionable reports and key insights.

  • Manage the entire backend of your business when you connect add-ons, like ShipStation for smooth shipping, Xero to simplify accounting, and PayPal for e-Invoicing.

Stitch also integrates with several popular marketplaces and shopping carts, like Amazon, Shopify, and BigCommerce, so you can manage everything in one place.

Cut down on the time it takes to get new listings and auctions live. As soon as you accept new stock from a purchase order in Stitch, your eBay listing will be relisted automatically to reflect your increased inventory quantity.


What eBay software features are most popular?

Everyone loves something different about Stitch’s eBay integration. Here are some of the features our customers rave about:

  • Automatically relist auctions when an auction ends. Stop wasting time relisting products and let Stitch make sure you always have a live auction for your products.

  • Sell more by encouraging buyers to act quickly. You can set the quantity in your eBay store to 1 or another maximum quantity.

  • Preventing lost sales when awaiting inventory. Set inventory quantities to a maximum of what you are awaiting, so you don’t lose potential sales while you are temporarily out of stock.

  • Real-time inventory syncing. Let Stitch ensure your eBay inventory quantity is in sync with all of the other places you sell, so you don’t oversell.

  • Keep track of PayPal transaction information, including transaction ID and fees. The information is automatically downloaded into Stitch when a customer pays with PayPal.

  • Seamlessly handle shipping. With ShipStation, mark orders shipped or add tracking information, which is automatically loaded into into eBay and can be shared with your customers so they know exactly when to expect their purchase.

  • Build eBay products in Stitch with the click of a button. Eliminate the need to build products for your store more than once. Getting set up couldn’t be easier.

  • Easily identify your eBay best sellers. With a historic import of up to one quarter, it's simple to see which of your listings are doing best, so you can make smart decisions to drive more sales.


What else can I do with eBay software?

Quickly and accurately make smart business decisions. Stitch helps you sell more by equipping you with actionable insights from powerful reports. Know precisely what your best selling product variants are and identify repeat customers to give them a little extra service.

Create customizable purchase orders to keep track of inventory from the instant you order it from your supplier until it arrives and is ready for re-sale.


Which eBay sellers can use this software?

Stitch integrates directly with eBay and works with Fixed-Price listings, and Auctions - with and without SKUs.

Sell both Fixed-Priced and Auctions? Stitch can handle that, too.


Read to start using eBay inventory management Software? Get eBay software now or learn more about Stitch’s eBay integration in our support center.

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