Creative Conference of Entrepreneurs Recap

Now that the dust has settled after a great Creative Conference of Entrepreneurs (CCE), we wanted to do a quick follow up to let everyone know what a great time we had. In only it's second year ofexistence,the conference was an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs, both new and established, to share best practices, talk about what to watch out for, and also make new contacts to lean on when times get tough.

We were fortunate enough to be a sponsor of the event this year and look forward to next year. Jamie Chan, Lauren Venell, and Laura Henry were the engines behind the conference and were our points of contact all along the way. They did amagnificentjob planning the event and provided an excellent platform for people to learn a great deal about growing their businesses. The speakers attending the event had an abundance of knowledge and were able to relate well with the audience. There was a continuous open dialog and all the participants were willing to share their ideas in order to help the other small business owners. At the Saturday meet and greet, we were able to share Stitch with all the small businesses interested in hearing how we are able to help them be more efficient. We continue to be amazed at the interesting stories we hear when we get the opportunity to speak with business owners in person.

Events like CCE helpreiteratewhy we are doing what we're doing here in the lab. Our goal is to help small businesses be successful and grow to their fullest potential. We also believe you're never "too small" for powerful software. While we will continue to grow our customer base, we want to make sure there is always an opportunity for the smallest businesses to work with us in order to grow.

So a big thank you goes out to Jamie, Lauren, and Laura. I think I can safely speak for everyone I spoke with at the conference when I say we had a great time and the event was well worth the price of admission. We look forward to next year.

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