Come see us at Under the Radar November 10, 2011. We'll be ready!

It's an exciting time here in the Lab. We've been selected to present at this year's Under the Radar Conference in Silicon Valley!  Out of over 500-companies, we were selected to hit the stage and show the judges what we've got.  We would love to see the audience filled with our supporters (after all, there is an audience voting portion!).  The organizers have also given us a discount link to share.

Register using the Promo code "UTRVIP" and receive $100 off your ticket price.

If there's one thing we know about presenting to a group of amazing judges, it's that you better be prepared. One way we prepare around here is to make sure we're well hydrated and eating properly.

Yep. You guessed it. That's our Thinker Upper (Brandon) himself getting after some brain food this afternoon with that huge burrito. After his quick lunch break, it's back writing some super-sweet code and making sure he is prepared to deliver a monster presentation next month in Silicon Valley! You don't want to miss his masterful presenting ways. Come join us, won't you?


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