Hawaii's Largest Bikini Manufacturer Leverages Stitch Labs for Growth

The estimated revenue for the swimwear industry is going to top $17.6 billion by 2015, according to Global Industry Analysts (GIA). Considering the growth levels, it is easy to see how women get frustrated when they can't find the perfectly fitted suit. With such a plethora of swimwear choices available, yet zero that fit her personal needs, Taryn Rodighiero did what any naturally-born entrepreneur would do.

She decided to make them herself.

Her mission? To create durable, high-quality swimsuits that can stand the test of crashing waves and unpredictable water activities while still looking stylish and cute. (Well, maybe that wasn't exactly her vision. But speaking as a young, relatively active female - that's the appeal I see in her products.)

Rodighiero, founder and CEO of Kaikini Bikini, Kauai’s biggest bikini manufacturer, inspired by the active island lifestyle of Hawaii, set out to challenge the flimsy beachwear that so popularly filled the marketplace and create ones that were both durable and stylish. However, there was one obvious challenge. Rodighiero had never made a bathing suit before. In fact, she had absolutely zero sewing experience.

Scraping together resources, Rodighiero spent her life savings on industrial sewing machines and material. She taught herself how to sew. And in 2010, Kaikini was born. Three years later, she has grown Kaikini to a team of six employees, while producing approximately 1,000 pieces a month. Kaikini sells its products all over the world through its website and via wholesale to retail stores located in Hawaii.

With the growth Kaikini was experiencing, Rodighiero was having problems keeping track of inventory that went to their wholesalers, main website and Etsy website. Needing a central place where the team could keep track of inventory as a whole, they turned to Stitch Labs.

“Sometimes we would take an order not knowing the item had been sold out, and we'd have to scramble to make another piece, or have to tell the customer we were not able to fulfill their order,” said Rodighiero. “Now we know where every piece goes, and we never take an order that we can't fulfill. We integrated Stitch with Shipstation and the two together are the best thing that ever happened to our company.”

In addition to leveraging multiple integrations, Rodighiero also compiles the data in Stitch to produce products more efficiently.

Before Stitch, Rodighiero and her team were unable to accurately track where all our inventory was sent. Now, the inventory is live and up-to-date, avoiding stockout. The team can even segment data based on individual variants, such as sizes, within each swimsuit style.

“The data we gather from Stitch is invaluable. We are now able to produce more efficiently. For example, now we know specifically what sizes sell better so we can produce accordingly.”

Rodighiero reports that her business has grown by 50% since they have implemented Stitch. Since then, they’ve purchased a warehouse and will plan on moving into the facility next month, expecting a 100% increase in production. As that happens, Stitch Labs will be the only way of tracking inventory and orders properly.

“Stitch made it easy for us to manage our inventory and orders, which has resulted in a significant increase in our ability to handle more business!”

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