Big Improvements to Managing Inventory!

As my nephew Dominic would say, Wellllllllllllllllllllllll...

We've made some major improvements and it's time to tell you about them! Much of the functionality for managing inventory has been improved and lots of new features have been added. I'll cover a few here.

Auto generation of line sheets with CSV (Excel) and PDF download

No longer do you have to worry about making a new line sheet everytime something changes. No more worries about not sending your customers the most up-to-date information.

There is a new button on the info tab, "Download Line Sheet". Click this button and it will bring up a pop up with all the options that you created which you can choose to, or not to add to the Line Sheet. Say you want to email your partner some sales figures, check all the boxes. Perhaps your sales rep only needs limited pricing information, we'll do all the dirty work and let you just worry about what information you want in there. Oh, and just as an added perk, if you choose to download a PDF, we put your line's images in there so your sales reps have some examples of what their selling.


2 ways to look at your product catalog, first the column view

The column view gives you a nice aesthetically pleasing way to look at your products. On the left will be quick summaries and images of each product. You'll also notice little alerts by any products that have low stock. We changed our formula so now your alerts show up on your available stock. No more worries about trying to keep track what is committed to orders and what isn't, we'll run the numbers and let you know when something is awry.

Other new features include the ability to sort your products in the order you see fit. We've made it possible for you to see the details of more than one product at a time so you can easily compare them. Just click any product on the left and the details appear on the right. Lastly, after many requests, we added the ability to modify some information for all of the products in the line at one time. This should really help when you have more than one item at a particular price.


Next, the list view

For those of you who still like to look at your products in a more analytical list, we kept that ability. Within the products tab on the top right you'll see buttons for each view. Simply click the list view and there you go. Hover over any product and if you click the edit pencil you will automatically be taken to the edit screen for that specific product.

We've done more than that, but we thought this was a nice summary of the highlights. As always email or call us anytime with questions!- Brandon

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