Automatically Import Products from SAIL into Stitch

SAIL + Stitch Product Feature

The hits keep coming and we keep making it easier and easier to get up and running with Stitch.

Stitch will now automatically import products from SAIL!

Earlier this week, we released automatic imports from Etsy. Now, we are doing the same with SAIL. As we continue to refine our integration processes, feedback from our customers is imperative to our development and we heard your voices! We’ve also updated our SAIL integration FAQs for additional information.
This feature is mainly focused on those people that come from SAIL with no prior Stitch account. Current Stitch users should still continue to add products to Stitch that they want in SAIL because SAIL, unlike all other integrated partners, can have products pushed into it from Stitch.

Important Note! If you have been using Stitch with SAIL for some time: We’ll need to do a manual adjustment to allow future products to flow into the system as this change will be in place for all products added going forward, not previous products. Simply contact us, and we’ll make the change in your account to utilize this new feature. DO NOT DISCONNECT STITCH FROM SAIL AND RECONNECT. YOUR ENTIRE PRODUCT CATALOG WILL BE REBUILT.















Below are some of the benefits and limitations on our updated integration:


  • If you already have a SAIL account with products created, but no Stitch account, products can automatically flow into Stitch and you will be up and running quickly.
  • Because Stitch has the ability to push product information to SAIL, unlike any of our other integrations, after the initial connection takes place, users can edit all pricing and product information in Stitch and those changes will transfer to SAIL, should you want them to.


  • Product structure - Similar to Etsy, SAIL has a very simple product structure. It doesn't account for variants/options like size or color. This means that products will come into Stitch from SAIL as a list and not in the same product family structure that we've built in Stitch. We have made this update to get people started more quickly, but still highly recommend building products in Stitch and pushing them into SAIL.
  • Once products are in Stitch, there is no ability to move them from one product family to another. We are currently working on this feature and plan to implement it in the near future.
This is more great news! Please let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.
Stitch on!


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