Automatically Import Products From Etsy into Stitch Labs

Etsy + Stitch Labs Products
We have extraordinary news to share with you, friends!

Stitch will now automatically import Etsy products!

This frequently requested feature enhancement has been in the works for quite some time and we are so excited to share it with you. As we continue to refine our integration processes, feedback from our customers is imperative to our development and we heard your voices! We've also updated our Etsy integration FAQ's for additional information. This feature update will help our customers save time with inventory tracking.

Important Note! If you have been using Stitch with Etsy for some time: We’ll need to do a manual adjustment to allow future products to flow into the system. Simply contact us, and we’ll make the change in your account to utilize this new feature. DO NOT DISCONNECT STITCH FROM ETSY AND RECONNECT. YOUR ENTIRE PRODUCT CATALOG WILL BE REBUILT.

Below are some of the benefits and limitations on our updated integration:


  • You only need to create your products once, in Etsy, and they will automatically flow into Stitch.
  • Your Inventory Sync Settings will default to "Match Stitch and Etsy inventory information." However, Inventory Sync Settings can be adjusted manually per product, under Integration > Imported Products in Stitch (see images below + click to enlarge).
Imported Etsy Products - Stitch LabsImported Etsy Products - Stitch Labs


  • Variants - With Etsy's recent release of variants, sellers can now add up to two variants per product. This falls directly in-line with our Stitch product family structure and is super exciting. Unfortunately the Etsy API (connector to Stitch) doesn't allow this variant information to flow through yet. Etsy is rolling this out after testing because they want to get it right the first time. Believe us, this is a good idea.
  • If you create your products in Stitch, they will not push into Etsy. Creating products and product families is a one-way import from Etsy to Stitch at this time. Inventory levels and orders will two-way sync just as they did before.

We're so excited to now offer this feature to our users. Are you as excited as we are?! Let us know in the comments below.

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