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Stitch Integrates with Spark Pay!

  Today we are extremely excited to announce our latest integrated partner, Spark Pay, by Capital One! Some of our current customers may remember this as SAIL. Capital One has taken over this technology and we’re glad to have them as a partner. What does this mean? It means that Stitch users will have the ability again […]

Manage Inventory Faster – Feature Update

We’re all about efficiency here in The Lab. We just released a brand new feature that will make Stitchers more efficient as well. Stitchers can now download a CSV file of all their products, adjust their inventory quantities and re-upload them into Stitch to help them manage inventory even faster. Exporting and editing: The exported […]

Manage Inventory Settings – Feature Update

  At Stitch Labs, we are working diligently to make Stitch even better. We just did it again. Now when integrating your sales channels, you have more control then ever before regarding how Stitch will manage your inventory. Prior to this update, Stitch automatically took control of your inventory upon integration with a sales channel […]

Customize Invoices More with Multiple Currencies – Feature Update

We have been rolling out new features like mad again lately. Our engineers are, yet again, icing down their hands and doing their ergonomic exercises to avoid that dreaded carpal tunnel.   On top of our Amazon integration this week, we rolled out the ability to use international currencies. This is another one of the most requested features we’ve […]

Huge Feature Update – Moving Products Within Stitch

Today we are excited to bring you one of the most requested feature updates yet. You can now move products from one product family to another within Stitch. Read on for: Organization with Multi-Channel Inventory New Stitch Feature – Save Time & Organize Inventory How to Implement the Feature Important Notes Organization with Multi-Channel Inventory […]

Automatically Import Products from SAIL into Stitch

The hits keep coming and we keep making it easier and easier to get up and running with Stitch. Stitch will now automatically import products from SAIL! Earlier this week, we released automatic imports from Etsy. Now, we are doing the same with SAIL.  As we continue to refine our integration processes, feedback from our customers […]

Automatically Import Products From Etsy into Stitch Labs

We have extraordinary news to share with you, friends! Stitch will now automatically import Etsy products! This frequently requested feature enhancement has been in the works for quite some time and we are so excited to share it with you.  As we continue to refine our integration processes, feedback from our customers is imperative to our development […]

Etsy Shipping – Feature Update

Great news, just in time for the holiday rush. Stitch will now send shipment and tracking information back to Etsy. Prior to this update, Stitch would mark an order as shipped on Etsy after being marked as shipped or complete in Stitch, but the detailed shipping information wasn’t transferred back to Etsy. Now, when a […]

Stitch Now Integrates with Storenvy!

We have more great news from the Lab! We’ve just completed the finishing touches on our Storenvy integration and it’s now live and ready for action. Because this integration is super new, we’re calling this a public beta. There are bound to be some questions as we get rolling, but our testing has pointed to all […]