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Jake is a co-founder and leads business development efforts at Stitch Labs. He spent the early part of his career with major manufacturing companies, Philip Morris U.S.A and the Campbell Soup Company. When he's not in the Lab, you'll find him spending time with his wife and son, or watching college football snuggled up next to an ice cold can of Miller Lite.
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25% of the Internet Runs on Wordpress: WooConf Recap

Perhaps the most staggering statistics mentioned at this year’s WooConf in beautiful Austin, Texas were the following:


This Week In Commerce: Square Beats Expectations & Amazon Jets Forward

Square surpasses revenue expectations, Amazon continues their fight on multiple fronts, and Alibaba builds their war chest as they continue to push into the U.S. Here are this week's top stories in commerce.


This Week In Commerce: Shopify Doubles Revenue & Walmart Struggles to Grow ECommerce

More earnings calls in commerce this week. Shopify, good news! Walmart...not so great. Here are this week’s top stories.


This Week in Commerce: Amazon vs. Alibaba, and Square Partners with Apple

Did someone say Amazon? Because another week has gone by and there’s yet another major story from Amazon. eBay’s new CEO continues to put his stamp on the future of the company and Square finds their way into Apple stores. Here are this week’s top stories.


This Week In Commerce: The Etsy Shop At Macy's & Amazon Brick-and-Mortar Stores

It’s February already. The holiday hangover and mad rush for returns has settled down. It’s time to refocus on a great spring selling season and make sure everyone's ready for another dash to successful holiday sales. Take a moment to see what’s going on around you and think about how it will impact your business this year.


This Week In Commerce: Alibaba, Amazon, and eBay Report Earnings

It was a big week on Wall Street for several major players in the commerce space. Amazon, Alibaba, and eBay all reported earnings. Even as the global economy struggles, much of which is driven by softness in China, Alibaba’s profits doubled. And although they reported another profitable quarter, Amazon’s earnings missed, driving their stock price down. But they’re not alone. eBay is reporting a rocky road ahead which is causing their share price to drop as well. Although quarterly reports weren’t a rosey picture, commerce - especially eCommerce - is still growing strong.


FabFitFun's Tips To Grow Your ECommerce Business

If you know subscription boxes, then you know FabFitFun. We launced our Future of Commerce webinar series earlier this week and FabFitFun's VP of Operations, Austin Smith, sat down with me for an insightful discussion on scaling commerce businesses and the top technologies associated with them. Here are the biggest takeaways you need to know: 


This Week In Commerce: Walmart Closes Stores To Focus On ECommerce

This week in commerce actually started late last week when Walmart announced they were closing stores across the country. But, while one big box retailer takes a few steps back, another online big box retailer is leading the charge in developing the latest deliver technology trend: drones. I’m also featuring a list of reasons why Amazon FBA is must-have for growing retailers.


This Week In Commerce: Amazon Seller Data & Possible New Delivery Business


Announcing Stitch’s Partner API Program

We’re excited to announce two new partners - ShippingEasy and Lokad. Both are part of our brand new Partner Program which allows companies to build integrations and extensions using Stitch’s API.

At Stitch, we constantly build new integrations, like Magento, WooCommerce and QuickBooks Online, as well as added functionality for our customers such as, publishing listings and Master of Price. But there is so much we want to do and only so much time in the day. I think you know the feeling!


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