Announcing: Stitch Now Integrates with NuORDER


Stitch Labs & NuORDER makes it easy for customers to expand their wholesale channel!

We’re excited to announce our latest partner integration with NuORDER, which makes it even easier for our customers to expand their wholesale business. By using NuORDER and Stitch, you can showcase your products to new buyers and retailers. NuORDER connects you with a wide network of interested retail shops for wholesale opportunities. This simplifies the buying process for these retail shops so that they are able to explore new product lines and brands.

Though the integration, all the products, inventory and orders are tracked and kept up to date with Stitch. With Stitch as your operational hub connecting all your sales channels, you can expand to new ones without any additional change of behavior. Basically, this means, if you can fulfill the order, then you can increase your sales!

In the ever competitive world of retail, a multichannel strategy is critical. Whether selling on your ecommerce site, marketplace or in a retail store, you want to be where the customer is. This integration widens the opportunity to be in as many additional retailers as your business can handle.

Want to expand your wholesale business? Sign up for a free 14-day trial today!

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