Amazon Success Story: LocoBeauty

“We were just a ‘mom and pop’ store until a few months ago,” said Yemin Kim, co-founder of LocoBeauty, a one-stop shop for beauty accessory needs. “Growing our business was impossible before Stitch.”

LocoBeauty is based out of New York City and started as a brick-and-mortar shop, recently expanding online through Shopify’s ecommerce platform.  After taking their business online, Yemin and his team needed to find a central inventory solution that allowed them to sync their inventory and orders from their brick-and-mortar store to their online shop.

They needed a cloud-based solution that integrated with Shopify, Shopify POS and ShipStation. They were also looking for something that provided insight into what products were selling best through which channels, allowing them to make smarter purchasing decisions. As their business expands, it’s going to be critical that this information is accessible from one location for their entire team.  In late 2014, they discovered Stitch Labs, an inventory management and multichannel selling solution.  Kim said that Stitch is the most reliable inventory management solution and makes it easy to gain insight about their business.

“Accessing data was a big problem with other solutions we tried,” said Kim..”With Stitch’s features, we can look at everything in one place. And as Stitch scales, so does our business.”

Stitch also takes the manual processes and automate retail operations for retailers like Kim.

“Before Stitch, I did it all myself and by hand; everything from managing inventory to printing labels,” said Kim. “It was a huge time commitment, but once we signed up for Stitch and integrated Shopify and Shipstation, we became more efficient.”

Things really picked up for LocoBeauty when Stitch launched its Amazon VIP program in August. With this program, customers interested in selling on Amazon are matched with a dedicated Amazon representative to walk them through getting setup on Amazon and expedite the approval process. The Amazon approval process can be lengthy and intricate depending on the industry a retailer’s products fall under.

“We had huge problems getting approved to sell on Amazon before Stitch’s VIP program,and we had been denied four times,” said Kim. “We felt like it was impossible to start selling on Amazon, but with the Stitch program, it was really easy. Amazon contacted us and helped us get approved quickly and easily.”

This was the crucial turning point for growing LocoBeauty. After integrating Stitch with Amazon, Yemin said they jumped from 30-40 orders a day to 200 orders a day in just ten short weeks. This echoes one of Stitch’s recent studies, which reported that retailers who sell on a shopping cart and marketplace made 190% more revenue than those who only sell through a shopping cart.

And it doesn’t stop there, Yemin said they continue finding more selling opportunities on Amazon with the help of Stitch’s new Amazon Competitive Price report. The report has helped LocoBeauty discover the most competitively priced products, allowing for the largest gain in revenue. They started with their highly profitable items and will continue adding more of their product line to Amazon in the future.

Amazon hasn’t just increased their revenue, it’s also grown their overall brand awareness.

“Our Amazon store receives the most traffic out of all of our sales channels, and we’re able to redirect customers once they make a purchase to our branded website. Through this method, we’ve exponentially increased our brand.”

With the bump in revenue and overall brand awareness, LocoBeauty has big plans for their future.

“We want to open another physical location in the area and have all retail operations go through Stitch’s inventory management solution - online and in-store.”

Want to expand your business like LocoBeauty did with Stitch and our Amazon VIP program? Sign up for a free 14-day trial today.

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