Add the same product more than once to an order

We've had some requests to be able to add the same product more than once to an order. This was a great customer request not only to make it easier to use but also so that accurate pricing and quantity levels are captured for each product during an order. This will make all the report and analytics for sales much more accurate.

The only noticable changes will be to the add product to order tool and the order summary. You can see images below of the new look. If you would like to add the same product to an order more than once simply press the green plus button as many times as you would like that order to show up as a line item.

In the order summary you are welcome to set quantity, pricing, and tax levels for each line individually. This way if a customer is getting a few free samples you can add that as a separate line so both the sales stats are captured and the cusomter can clearly see what they are getting for free.

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