A new feature is coming to town, soon...

We've been working hard and diligently to bring you the next big feature of Stitch Labs: Analytics and Reporting. This has been a work in progress for a couple months now and we are extremely excited about it. The average time I've gotten home from work this week was about 11pm and there were a couple 2am-ers in there so needless to say we're all working very hard to finish this feature.

First off, this feature is not ready yet but it will be very soon. We cannot give exact dates but soon we say, soon. I've attached a screenshot for a sneak-peak at the tab that will show up on all our user's accounts.

At Stitch Labs we are committed to not selling vaporware but considering development is nearly complete I wanted to share. Once it is launched we will let everyone know and follow-up with some blog posts about all the great features built into this tool. What I can say confidently is that it will help businesses know what is selling, what isn't, and allow them to make smart decisions that will save them time and money as well as increase sales potential.

More to come, soon...

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