7 Posts All Online Retailers Should Read During Tax Time


Don't let tax season be the boogieman, keeping you up at night. Although they can be a bit scary, with a few solid practices, you'll be fiiling with ease in no time. Check out these posts below for tips, tricks and a little extra sanity. 


What Online Sellers Need to Know About Inventory and Taxes

Not sure what you should be including in your inventory calculations? Getting stumped on how to prepare your tax form? No worries. We got this. Check out this post that helps guide you through the whole process. Read More


Tax Prep: Last Year’s Over, Now What?

In this post, Scott Scharf, founder of Catching Clouds, will walk you through the steps to filing your taxes this year. He provides advice on what information to gather, how to go paperless and more. Read More


Sales Tax 101 for Online Sellers

Sales tax can be a real headache. In this post, we'll help you understand how they're defined and what you need to do to collect them. Read More


Ecommerce Tax Guide: What You Need to Pay 

If you're running a business online, read this post to take a look at what taxes you must pay now and all throughout the year. Read More


What is Tax Form 1099-K? What Do I Do if I Receive One?

Don't let these tax forms scare you. Get the clear picture on whether you're going to receive a 1099-K (it doesn't apply to all online sellers) and what you need to do with it. Read More


Two Habits That Will Make Tax Preparation Easier

With so many responsonsibilities and aspirations for the new year, it can be hard to stay on top of the necessary evils like taxes. In this post, we'll share two habits that will make tax season a little less painful. Read More


Which Two Tax Deductions Do Online Sellers Often Miss?

You've worked hard to grow your business, so be sure you're getting the most you can when you file. Don't forget about these two common tax deductions online sellers often miss. Read More


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