5 Great Articles You Need to Read About Social Commerce

At Stitch, we always love sharing helpful resources that will empower our readers. In particular, our content team stays on top of everything trending in the world of ecommerce and inventory management. Our goal is to provide you with relevant information that will directly impact your business.

One particular ecommerce trend in the news is "social commerce" or "social shopping". With such a large focus on customer reviews and social sharing, shoppers are creating communities of their own and new buying behaviors along with them. In this roundup, we've sifted through the top articles that will help you understand social commerce a bit better and included the most helpful ones below.

With these resources, you'll be able to make more intelligent decisions on how you can take your next (or first) step toward maximizing sales through social media.

Top resource articles for social commerce:

Understanding Social Commerce: What You Need to Know
Don't have a clue what social commerce is? No worries. Jeannette Mulvey of BusinessNewsDaily sits down with Scott Lachut, director of research and strategy at PSFK Labs, a trends-led business innovation consultancy, and gets some answers. This is a great introduction to social commerce, or social shopping, and how you can start scaling your business through this new avenue.
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Which Social Platform has the Most Retail Potential? by Digiday
Need help deciding which social outlet is best for advertising and marketing? This article breaks down the top three players (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest) along with their pros and cons.
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The Future of Social Commerce: Shopping On Twitter, Pinterest and Beyond by Fox Business
If you're just beginning to think about how social media can play a role in your marketing efforts, this is a great read. This article will walk you through the evolution of social media and its role in business marketing. In addition to that, it provides you with a peek into the future and what trends will be most popular in the world of social commerce.
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Amazon’s Social Commerce Play via Twitter: #AmazonCart by PowerRetail
Want proof that social commerce is a game changer in your marketing efforts? Check out the latest campaign from Amazon. The marketplace giant recently launched a social commerce campaign through Twitter, including the hashtag #AmazonCart. This article includes a video promotion from Amazon, explaining the campaign to potential shoppers. (It's a great way to visualize how you can do something similar on a smaller scale as hashtags are free!)
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Which Social Media Platforms Drive the Most Sales? [Infographic] by Shopify
If you need more examples of how to tackle social shopping correctly, check out this awesome infographic published by our integration partner, Shopify. Their team aggregated data from various social media sites and created a beautiful infographic that breaks down each one. Everything from conversion rates by social channel to "industries dominated by Facebook", you'll get a great view into quantifiable data regarding social commerce.
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