5 Easy Ways to Collect, Sort and Stay in Contact with Your Customers

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At the beginning of the year, we put on a 4-part webinar series all about helping you Save Time and Sell More in 2012. One of those sessions was dedicated to Contact Management, and talking to a number of customers and small business owners since, it's clear this is an area ripe for organization and improvement!

Here at Stitch, we're all about streamlining your business as much as possible. I mean let's face it - as a small business owner, you're trying to juggle a lot, and most people I know (including myself) have contact information strewn across their personal address book, their accounting program, random business cards laying around, post it notes, excel spreadsheets, you name it. So today I want to share the recording of the webinar we recorded, and give you 5 solid takeaways that will help you streamline your contact management.

1. Simplify The Goal
The goal is to keep in touch with your customers! However you also have contact information for press contacts, vendors, and others. Having a system like Stitch to manage all your contacts in one place makes this easier.

2. Know Your Lists
We know keeping in contact with our customers is important, but maybe you have a few different kinds of customers, i.e. online buyers and wholesale accounts. You'll want to market to those lists differently. With Stitch you can tag your contacts however you'd like, making it easy to have very targeted lists you can filter and export in just a few clicks!

3. Scan Business Cards & Mailing List Signups with Shoeboxed
If you're anything like most people, you collect business cards, they stack up on your desk and nothing ever happens with them. Additionally if you collect mailing addresses at shows, you have to hand enter all of those. Enter Shoeboxed - an easy way to capture business card data and more. Again a testament to having great systems in place. Watch the video below for more detailed information on how you can use Shoeboxed and Stitch to save time and maximize the contact information you collect.

Remember with Stitch, we're happy to import contact data for you. Just send us a CSV file and we'll take care of it!

4. Develop a Plan To Stay In Touch
A necessary part of any business is a marketing plan that includes keeping your customers up to date and your business at the top of their mind. Now that you know your lists, and have your systems in place to collect and sort your contacts, you can schedule regular newsletters or mailings.

5. Have Systems In Place That You Can Rely On
Having processes in place, with solid systems like Stitch, Shoeboxed, Outright, MailChimp to support you, will not only help your business be more successful, but you'll save time and have one less thing to worry about. That's the key to a happy life right there!


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