4 Articles You Need to Read about Holiday Sales


We’re all painfully aware - the holidays are approaching and with it comes an impending chaos that everyone tries to put off as long as possible. No one is sugarcoating this one, friends. Big-box retailers are already implementing layaway programs for holiday gifts, 60% of all retailers have already started preparing, and we were writing holiday best practices back in June! Despite any of our efforts to keep the holidays from creeping into our summer vacations, the time has come to prepare.

It’s not all bad though. Getting things prepared earlier will allow you more time later to train seasonal employees, connect with customers, and think of more creative, proactive promotional opportunities.

To keep you in the loop on all things holidays, here are four articles you can read this weekend while you’re squeezing out the last bit of freedom, I mean sunshine.

A Happy Holiday Season Expected for Retailers by eMarketer

We believe that each company should look at their own data in order to make smart business decisions, but taking a peek at industry trends can be helpful. In this article, eMarketer reviews what they expect will happen this coming season. So far? Things are looking rather promising. Learn More >>

Three Trends that Will Affect Holiday Retail as Consumers Start Shopping by Supply Demand Chain Executive

Stitch co-founder and VP of Platform, Jake Gasaway, shares the top trends we should expect to see this holiday season. To make sure you’re ahead of the game, be sure to check out what to prepare for. Read More >>

How To Make Price A Strategy In Your Sales

Although this article doesn’t specifically reference the holidays, one major factor you’ll need to consider in order to increase revenue is pricing. In this article, you’ll learn more about what to consider when pricing products across channels.
Read More >> 

Stitch’s Holiday Retail Guide

This year, we’ve launched a brand new holiday guide full of tips on how you can make the most of this holiday season. Chock-full of industry best practices and advice, consider bookmarking this guide as we will continue to add more content and trends throughout the season.


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