3 Ways to Up Your Holiday Sale Game


Brace yourselves, the first holiday weekend of the summer is coming up in just a few days! I’m here to help you take your basic holiday sale and standout in the vast sea of clearance sales.  


1. Curate Your Bundle 

Anyone can offer a three-shirt pack. But when you and your competitors are looking for an increase in orders, you need to pique interests. A great way to do that is to flip traditional bundling on its head. Online US retailer, Swell, specializing in California lifestyle clothing and accessories, recently ran a special bundle sale where you choose the brand/style of your bundled items. 


You'll notice for one set price, shoppers were able to choose one of each item for their bundle. This provides a unique twist on the average bundle, allowing them to market in a more creative way. Instead of a customer just purchasing a bathing suit, they purchased two more items, increasing sales and exposing new products to their customers.

Even if you're not a clothing retailer, bundling is something you can do. Do you sell home goods? Offer one candle, flatware set, glass set, and linen for a set price.  


Learn more about how you can easily create bundles with Stitch.


2. Social Advertising  

With any holiday, travel is involved and shoppers are more mobile than usual. This is a perfect opportunity for you to run social advertising on Facebook and Twitter.  

Last year, over $14 billion was spent on social advertising, with an overwhelming 75% coming from Facebook alone. Social advertising no longer takes a back seat, it needs to be an integrated part of your marketing plan.  If you’re new to social, don’t be afraid of advertising. On both social sites, it’s as easy as boosting posts with the click of a button.  

There is no minimum budget or maximum, but you’ll want to look at the expected reach of each ad prior to setting a budget. Facebook and Twitter both offer great resources for small businesses for advertising. Both networks will walk you through building ads based on your goals and help you set realistic budgets for each ad. 


3. Focus on support, not just sales 

Yelp released staggering online reputation data, including “85% of consumers use the Internet for research before making a purchasing decision.” What are people saying about your business online, is it mostly positive or negative? How you handle your customer support isn’t just an end game of resolving concerns it’s how fast you resolve, the tone in which you handle them.  

Your focus should be on your holiday sale and revenue but you should also be prepared to handle an influx of emails with questions and issues. These questions might range from sizing to delivery to more technical challenges. For a good percentage of buyers, this may be their first impression of your business, and if a question arises, being on top of your customer support is key.  


Your Holiday Sale Takeaways: 

1. Don’t just offer ordinary discount options.Try curating bundles in order to introduce new products to customers.

2. Be sure to include social advertising in your holiday marketing plan. Start with the basic post boosting. 

3. It’s not only sales, but also your support in the spotlight during a big sale.  


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