15 Holiday Retail Data Points

We are a very data-driven team here at Stitch Labs. We do our best to support every decision we make with quantitative and qualitative data. And, we believe in extending our passion for data to all retailers and wholesalers who could benefit from awesome insights. Whether we’re planning a new feature, figuring out the right content to write, or providing customer support solutions, we do our best to gather insightful data that will help grow our customers’ businesses.


In particular, this holiday season our data team has been hyper-focused on releasing the relevant data that will help make your holiday season successful. Check out our Holiday Sales Trends infographic or our Holiday Retail Tips page to gather the best ways you can increase sales, boost productivity and get time back this holiday season.

Or if you’re just data nerds like us, you can geek out on and share these retail data points:

1. Together, Small Business Saturday & the Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend make up the same amount of sales as Cyber Monday.

2. Cyber Monday alone generates nearly 40% of sales during the Thanksgiving weekend.

3. Black Friday drives nearly 25% of sales during the Thanksgiving weekend.

4. During the retail holiday season, Christmas Eve (Dec 24th) is the day with the fewest orders.

5. The average order value for a shopping cart is 175% more than for popular marketplaces.

6. Cyber Monday had 150% more as many online orders placed than Black Friday.

7. Orders during the holiday season start to increase in late October, generally rising until the 8 days before Christmas. See the pattern here.

8. Throughout the 8 days leading up to Christmas, sales begin falling dramatically.

9. From Christmas Eve through very early January, sales start to rise again, but never reach the same level as in the busy December rush.

10. Shoppers take a break on Thanksgiving Day. Only 10% of sales during the Thanksgiving Weekend take place on Thanksgiving.

11. The average discount for SMB e-retailers on Black Friday was $5.54 per order, 27% bigger than the average discount on Cyber Monday.

12. Are customers shopping at work? Absolutely! Shoppers are shopping all day on Cyber Monday, especially from 8am - 12pm.

13. Shopping on Black Friday tapers off after 12 p.m.

14. The most popular time of day to order online on Black Friday is from 11 a.m. – 12 p.m.

15. The most popular time of day to order online on Cyber Monday is from 9 – 10 p.m.

Data was pulled from the 2013-2014 holiday season. View full infographic for more details.



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