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About Stitch Labs

We're changing the game for retailers. Care to join us?

Our Mission

To democratize commerce and empower retailers by providing resources to improve their businesses as well as their lives.

What We Do

Stitch is an online inventory control solution that simplifies multichannel retail business. It automatically syncs inventory, orders and sales across channels, providing retailers with operational efficiencies and a holistic understanding of their businesses. With Stitch, retailers are able to save time, make better decisions, and grow.

Our History

Stitch was founded at the beginning of 2011 in San Francisco. Like many entrepreneurs, Brandon Levey found himself frustrated with his lack of options when it came to managing his business. He needed an affordable and integrated tool to manage his independent design and manufacturing company. A design-focused tool that could track every step of the process, across all sales channels.

When nothing seemed to fit the bill, the answer was clear—he'd have to build it himself. Believing in the possibility of an easy, convenient set of tools that could help all product-based businesses, Levey assembled a top-notch team of business owners, designers, developers and engineers to bring the idea to life. In January 2011, Stitch was born.

Stitch is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering, delivered to a growing group of subscription customers. Neither an accounting service nor a shopping platform, we're the magic that happens in the intersection of production and sales—the thread that binds the many facets of your business together. Our goal is to develop the most intuitive and integrative business platform for entrepreneurs and business owners.


Where We're Going

At Stitch, we're relentless about improving the landscape for small retailers. We're dedicated to providing our customers with the most advanced solutions, so they're able to grow their businesses and live happier lives. We are constantly adding new functions, expanding our capabilities, and are committed to letting our customers' needs guide us in the right direction.

"We see a lot of changes in the world of commerce and want to make it easier for businesses to succeed. Our holistic approach will enable that commerce, no matter how businesses choose to sell their products."
- Brandon Levey, CEO

Our Values

Act with Integrity – The foundation of a great company is a solid morale compass. Be Intentional in your actions, strive for virtue, and empathize with your fellow human being. Quite simply, do what's right.

Grit, Have it – Willpower is contagious. Work hard, be your own advocate, and hold yourself accountable. Approach your role with conviction and choose to make everyday a success.

Build Trust Everyday – We foster an environment of open communication, collaboration, and transparency. Own your actions, be honest and respectful, and do better everyday.

Accelerate as One – Every individual impacts the overall momentum of the company, regardless of our roles. We share in our successes, failures and everything in between.

Love Your Neighbor – We believe in being good people. Allow compassion to drive communication. Respect those around you and live with honor. Basically, don't be a jerk.

Own Your Impact – Take pride in your work and believe in your vision. When you want something to get done, make it happen. And, when in doubt, err on the side of awesome.

Be Curious – Take risks, challenge convention, and keep learning. Extend outside your comfort zone and continue to ask questions. There is no perfect process, but we believe there is always a better way. 

Learn more about our mission and our team.