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Your Operations Command Center

By automatically syncing inventory, orders, and data across multiple sales channels, suppliers, and fulfillment locations, Stitch gives you a holistic view and control of your business to cost-effectively increase efficiencies and scale your operations more intelligently.

Manage Inventory & Scale Intelligently

Unified Channels

Gain Visibility Across Your Business

Full Inventory Control

Accurately track & update inventory across all sales channels & warehouse locations.

Business Analytics—Redefined

Reduce costs & increase profits with accurate demand forecasting while making more informed data-driven product line decisions.

Cross‐Departmental Unification

From planning to allocation, align your teams with our automated and centralized solution.

Automated Workflows

Increase Efficiency by
Automating Daily Tasks

Smarter Purchasing Decisions

Accurately forecast inventory quantities, set low stock alerts, and auto-populate purchase orders.

Optimized Order Fulfillment

Automatically route orders to specific warehouses, retail locations, or 3PLs based on channel or availability to fulfill faster.

Flexible Solutions

Customize Inventory and
Order Management Workflows

API Accessibility

Unify your tech stack through the Stitch Labs API.

Innovate Quickly

Leverage Stitch’s developer partners to create custom solutions for your team.

Direct Integrations

Stitch has over 30 integrations with sales channels, accounting solutions, 3PLs and more.

Trusted by the Fastest
Growing Brands in Retail

“It used to take me up to 4 hours to upload all the inventory for a large shipment, whereas now it’s a 15 minute process with a quick inventory upload through Stitch. I’ve gained back 3 hours and 45 minutes per day that I can spend on other, more important tasks.”

James Hargett | Chubstomer Service, Chubbies

“Stitch allows us to not think about inventory. We know when and where we‘re selling products and we know what we have available. Stitch is the brain for knowing where our inventory is.”

Mark Hansen | CEO, Topo Designs

“Without Stitch and the solutions it integrates with, we literally wouldn’t exist... We’re basically doing the job of 50 with a team of seven—we have fewer people empowered to work smarter and help strategically scale the business.”

Brian Hahn | Co-Founder, Nomad

“Time-wise, it’s saving me from making mistakes in Excel by running huge sheets with thousands of orders. But it’s not only time saving, it helps establish a professional business plan in that it doesn’t react, it actually plans for the future. Stitch Labs is beautiful.”

Mike Madrid | Founder, Comfortable Club

“Stitch Labs has been fundamental in the management of our company. With over 28 million combinations of bed sheets, we are at the mercy of our inventory. Stitch keeps our inventory accurate and ready to sell.”

Brad Westerop | Founder, Bedface

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Free 14‐Day Trial. No Credit Card Necessary.